Every day somewhere in the city there are concerts, events, lectures and workshops that don't require tickets or fees. People meet and do things together without the involvement of money. Did you ever wonder if it would be possible to collect all that information and display it for everyone to see? Would it be possible to see a list of all free events, happenings and other possibilities to access culture and entertainment in Helsinki for free?

At FreeHelsinki.info we try to make this information available as an easy-to-use, on-line calendar. You can browse it by week, month or as a list that shows you all the nearest, upcoming items or simply add it to your own computer calendar as long as it accepts iCal format. You can also print the calendar and paste it at the next free event so that people without access to internet can also see it.

All this is free for you to use. Yet we can achieve this only with the help of people interested in the service so please submit free events using the available form or contact us at freehelsinki (æt) gmail.com. Thanks!

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